Fred Thomas has produced music for artists such as Abel Selaocoe, Elina Duni, The Magic Lantern, Alice Zawadzki, Lily Luca, Kadialy Kouyate, Adam Beattie, Barnaby Keen, Quest Ensemble, Balladeste, Sophie Fetokaki and Miranda Joy as well, as most of his own music. With a multitude of instruments at his disposal – Steinway grand piano, Bechstein upright piano, organ, electronic harpsichord, pump organ, synth, cello, viola, violin, double basses (Mittenwald 1800 and Piedmont 1850), bass viola da gamba, viella, electric bass, electric guitar, spanish guitar, steel string guitar, cavaquinho, tenor banjo, drum kit and percussion – Fred approaches recording as a totally independent art form, seeking to fulfil the artist’s intentions as well as contribute his own musical experience. Fred works with Reaper or ProTools.

He has an extensive mic collection, including Neumann U67, Nuemann TLM 102, AKG 414, Line Uadio CM4, Line Audio Stereo Pair, and a Universal Audio 6176 Vintage Tube Channel Strip and Universal Audio Audio Interface.



I have had the great joy of working with Fred as a producer on a number of albums and musical projects. He is without doubt the most inventive, original and accomplished musical mind I have worked with. Whether it was writing whole arrangements for songs, playing any number of instruments or just helping me to get the best take – his calm and organised approach and absolute dedication made it possible to realise the music I heard in my heard. I can’t recommend him enough.” – Jamie Doe (The Magic Lantern)

I have had such a good time working with Fred: his work is both creative and original but all with the purpose of highlighting mine. What else could I ask? The best listener ever.” – Lily Luca

Fred has a great sense of transforming a song into something you never expected but always wanted, while keeping the essence of where it started. Plus all the imagination and skills necessary to deliver.” – Adam Beattie

I found it very enjoyable and rewarding to work with Fred as a producer. He really took the time to understand and support me in realising my own creative vision for the music and was always ready with great ideas when I needed them.
He takes a lot of pride in his work and I appreciated that he really wanted to get it right. On top of all that, he’s a bloody incredible musician, so I knew I was in safe hands.” – Simone Alexander