The Beguilers

Fred Thomas
(F-IRE 2015)


Peter Thomas & Fred Thomas Duo
(F-IRE 2015)


Fred Thomas - Organ / JS Bach

(The Silent Howl 2015)

Below the Blue Whale

Alex Bonney & Fred Thomas

(Loop Records 2013)

Living Standards

Zac Gvi & Fred Thomas

(F-IRE 2013)


Jiri Slavik/Fred Thomas Duo
F-IRE Presents (2009)

It's Time

Fred Thomas Trio
Independent (2006)

La Jeunesse

Jiri Slavik

(F-IRE Presents 2014)

The Road Not Taken

Adam Beattie
(Independent 2016)

Lullaby of Bedlam

Sister Mary

(F-IRE 2015)

La Strategie de Foulard en Coton

Lily Luca

(Independent 2015)

EP Vol. II

Native Dancer
Independent (2016)

In Search of Soma

Fly Agaric
(F-IRE 2012)

The World in a Grain of Sand

The Magic Lantern
Hectic Eclectic Records (2011)

Daughter of the Spring

Mor Karbasi
Harmonia Mundi (2011)

Night Becoming

Ellie Rose Rusbridge

Independent (2014)

Learnt From Love

Barnaby Keen
Independent (2011)

Sister Mary & the Choir Boys

Sister Mary & the Choir Boys
Independent (2009)

Cut From Stone (Single)

The Magic Lantern
Believe Digital (2011)


Iarla O Lionaird
Realworld (2011)


KK Sound Archive
Independent (2010)


Ellie Rose

Independent (2013)

Patriots EP

The Magic Lantern
Independent (2008)

Twelve Tales from Abbey Road

Mini-Loop Records (2007)

Le Grand Tango

El Ultimo Tango
EUT (2006)

El Ultimo Tango Plays Astor Piazzolla

El Ultimo Tango
Somm Records (2004)

Magic Pumpkin

Charlie Hutchings
(Black Phoenix Records)

Musica Paradiso

Songs and Stories from the Silver Screen