The Beguilers

The Beguilers are a new F-IRE Collective band that bring together tender, mellifluous singing and sensitively crafted song-writing. These elements are woven into the narratives of poems by Blake, Shakespeare, Joyce, Clare and many others, delicately bringing their images and metaphors to life with finely wrought harmonies and luscious melodies. Composed by Fred Thomas, these songs invite your imagination to be at once moved, released and beguiled.

Ellie Rose – voice
Dave Shulman – clarinets
Liam Byrne – viola da gamba
Fred Thomas – guitar, piano, composition


The Beguilers’ debut double-album will be out soon.


“The Beguilers create a mellifluous, graceful sound that entirely justifies their band name. Rose has a touching, pure, sweet voice, well suited to the affecting melodies Thomas writes, and Shulman provides just the right amount of textural and tonal variety.The Beguilers plough a singularly rich furrow and clearly entranced an attentive Vortex audience.” – Chris Parker (London Jazz)

“The Beguilers took William Blake’s poetry and wove a rich tapestry of intricate acoustic guitar and clarinet, over which Ellie Rose’s exquisite vocals were allowed to shine. Blake’s work was given new life with this simple but textured approach, which made these classic works come to life” - The Liminal

“The Beguilers start with songs based on some of the greatest poetry in the English language, but it’s the combination of Ellie Rose’s haunting voice with Fred Thomas’s beautiful compositions that give this band its unique and unclassifiable quality – a treat equally for lovers of poetry, jazz, classical music and folksong” - Peter Slavid (UK Jazz Radio)

“The Beguilers’ version of Blake’s ‘London’ is the finest setting of the poem that I know – the human ear adorned with manacles more beautiful than any earring” - Tim Heath, Chair of the Blake Society


Date City Venue
06/14/14 The Beguilers in Aldeburgh Pumphouse (Aldeburgh Festival)
Time: 8:00pm.

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Ancient of Days - by William Blake

The Beguilers

The Beguilers

Photo by Vincent Whiteman © 2012 Void Photography