Sands Films

Fred Thomas is curating a series of concerts and interviews at the legendary Sands Films Studios in Rotherhithe. 2020 featued Liam Noble, Kadialy Kouyate, Preetha Narayana, Alice Zawadzki, Ewan Bleach, Rob Luft, Elina Duni and Misha Mullov-Abbado. Production by Sands … Continued


    Buy J.S. Bach’s ‘Air’ from Bandcamp here Overture No. 3 BWV 1068, Air Composed by J.S. Bach  Performed, recorded and mixed by Fred Thomas Mastered by Peter Beckmann Artwork by Fred Thomas  Violin I: viella Violin II: viella Viola: viola da gamba Continuo: double bass … Continued

Ruth Bruckner

Multi-instrumentalists Ruth Bruckner and Fred Thomas met in Tuscany in 2019, immediately connecting through their love of medieval music and in particular the viella. Performing on combinations of strings, recorders, prepared piano, tenor banjo and voice, their duo is dedicated … Continued

Elina Duni

Elina Duni’s album ‘Lost Ships’ was released in ECM Records in 2020, featuring Rob Luft, Mathieu Michel and Fred Thomas.   Elina Duni – Vocals Rob Luft – Guitar Mathieu Michel – Flugelhorn Fred Thomas – Piano and Drums Born … Continued

J.S. Banjo

“The familiar prelude to the G major Cello Suite sounding so, so right. Thomas gives the closing Gigue an irresistible swing and finds rare depth and expression in the Allemande. There’s similar magic in Suite No. 3, Bach’s slow Sarabande … Continued

Martin Speake/Ethan Iverson

ECM artists Speake/Iverson/Thomas join forces with the extraordinary James Maddren. Martin Speake – alto saxophone Ethan Iverson – piano James Maddren – drums Fred Thomas – double bass   Buy the album on Bandcamp   Pianist, composer, and writer Ethan … Continued

Alice Zawadzki

Vocalist, violinist, and composer, Alice Zawadzki, is a distinctive presence on the European creative scene. Her rich musical background and “whimsical hyper-creativity” (MOJO Magazine) draw upon her early exposure to New Orleans jazz and gospel, an extensive classical training as … Continued

Dick Wag: A Tribute to Richard Wagner

  ‘Dick Wag – a Tribute to Richard Wagner’ is a new jazz trio dedicated to the notorious German composer, despised and idolised in equal measure. Comprised of the most unlikely collaborators, this tribute band attempts to reconcile itself to … Continued

Spinning Threads

Complex counterpoint – the combination of multiple independent melodies into a single harmonic texture – has been noticeably under-explored in jazz. This project explores improvised, spontaneous counterpoint, seeking inspiration from one of the richest resources in all of Western music … Continued

Thomas Duo

Peter Thomas and Fred Thomas released their father-son “Duo” record in 2015, to celebrate the former’s 70th birthday.     Peter Thomas – violin Fred Thomas – piano With Eduardo Vassallo – cello (on tracks 9 & 14)   Mozart: … Continued