The Magic Lantern

Formed above a North London post office in 2006, The Magic Lantern have evolved a unique, transporting sound inspired by the directness of folk song, the spirit of jazz and the experimental openness of contemporary chamber music. The Magic Lantern excel at wringing emotion from the strangest places, sounding joyous, sad, frustrated, and vulnerable, often at the same time. Swapping instruments and textures, stories and ideas, The Magic Lantern’s live show is an intensely moving, indefinable experience where no-one leaves unconverted.

They are a member of London’s F-IRE collective and were one of the founders The Hectic Eclectic with whom they continue to play and collaborate. They released their debut EP, Patriots, in 2008 about which many lovely things were said. Their first single ‘Cut From Stone’ was released on Believe Digital on 6 December 2010 along with 150 hand made, limited edition hard copies which nearly killed the band to make. Their debut album ‘A World In A Grain Of Sand’ recorded at Dave De Rose’s DIY studio before being mixed by the wonderful Leo Abrahams, was released in June 2011 on the label they helped to found, Hectic Eclectic Records, and has been critically acclaimed by Late Junction’s Verity Sharp, Bob Harris and Tom Robinson (BBC Radio 2, 3 and 6 respectively) among others.


The Magic Lantern was:

Jamie Doe – vocals, guitar

Dave Shulman – clarinets

Ellie Rose – vocals

Phil Stevenson – guitars

Fred Thomas – percussion, arrangements


Now The Magic Lantern is a solo act: but the solo album Love of Too Much Living from Smugglers Records on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify



No shows booked at the moment.

The Magic Lantern

Photo by Barbara Anastacio

The Magic Lantern

Photo by Barbara Anastacio

The Magic Lantern - A World in a Grain of Sand

Fred Thomas

Drawing by Nicky Peart