Kadialy Kouyate

Kadialy Kouyate’s Sound Archive performs original music inspired by the West African griot repertoire. Born into the great line of Kouyate griots in Southern Senegal, Kadialy’s mesmerising kora playing and singing style have been welcomed in many prestigious venues including Royal Festival Hall, O2 Arena, Union Chapel and WOMAD. KK Sound Archive’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘Londo’ is a feast of strings, combining traditional and contemporary kora techniques with cello, double bass and percussion.

Kadialy Kouyate: kora and vocals

Lucy Railton: cello

Adriano Adewale: percussion

Fred Thomas: double-bass

“Senegalese kora virtuoso/singer Kadialy Kouyate showcases his fleet-fingered skills on this mesmerising instrument, complementing it with his hauntingly, darkly beautiful voice, to create a Toumani Diabate-meets-Youssou N’Dour sound.” – Time Out

“Kadialy Kouyate shares Cigdem’s spirit of musical openness and even came to the UK at about the same time, but he’s from a very different tradition. A Mandinka griot (hereditary storyteller/ musician) from Casamance, south Senegal, he’s a young virtuoso of the 21-string West African kora harp, who’s immersed himself in the London scene (he might perform with a Caribbean steel pan player one night, a traditional West African group the next and a symphony orchestra the night after). On his debut album from last year he plays with an unusually light and jazzy cross-cultural ensemble.” – fRoots






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Kadialy Kouyate