Fred Thomas studied at the Royal Academy of Music and is one of London’s most sought-after multi-instrumentalists and composer/arranger/producers. A member of the F-IRE Collective, he recently embarked on a trilogy of J.S. Bach recordings to be released on ECM, The Silent Howl and Odradek Records. His first is a trio with Aisha Orazbayeva and Lucy Railton that plays Thomas’s transcriptions of Bach’s Chorale Preludes, the scores of which are published by Edition Wilhelm Hansen. His second, ‘Electrofeit‘, is a solo organ record and featured the multi-tracking of fugues inspired by the work of historian Hayden White.

Other projects include The Beguilers, a sextet that interprets Thomas’s song settings of poetry; his Polyphonic Jazz Band, a quintet with Martin Speake that explores improvised polyphony; a trio with Maurizio Ravalico and actor Gary Cooper that pits improvised music for prepared piano and percussion against prose-poems; an ongoing recording of contemporary interpretations of the medieval Chantilly Codex; a duo with his violinist father Peter Thomas; and a Richard Wagner tribute band with jazz pianist Liam Noble.

Fred Thomas has appeared or collaborated with a wide variety of artists, including Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Jordi Savall, Jarvis Cocker, Ethan Iverson, Tamara Stefanovich, Basquiat Strings, Kadialy Kouyate, Leo Abrahams, Lisa Knapp, Mor Karbasi, CBSO, Elysian Quartet, Jason Yarde, Julian Siegel, Alice Zawadzki, Jiri Slavik, Zac Gvi, Pete Flood, The Magic Lantern, Seb Rochford, Oren Marshall and Olivia Chaney, as well as record labels Harmonica Mundi and Realworld. He has worked at The National Theatre and has toured worldwide with Filter Theatre and as musical director with Shakespeare’s Globe. He teaches at Trinity Laban and as a producer has recorded albums for many artists in Europe. His most recent compositions, for voice, string quartet and percussion, were commissioned by BitterSuite and Phaedra Ensemble and are being performed internationally and at the Royal Opera House, London.



Fred Thomas (BMus Lond. (R.A.M.))


[email protected]




The Beguilers – MD, composer, guitar

BitterSuite – composer

as a Performer/Arranger

Solo Piano – piano

Polyphonic Jazz Band – MD, double bass

Electrofeit – Organ

Fred Thomas Trio (with Aisha Orazbayeva & Lucy Railton) – MD, piano

Chantilly Codex – MD, guitar, piano

F-IRE Collective – member

Lisa Knapp – double bass, percussion

Thomas Duo – piano

Monk Spent Youth – drums, double bass

Martin Speake Quartet – double bass

Alice Zawadski – double bass, percussion, tenor banjo



Fred Thomas Jazz Trio – composer, piano

Alex Bonney/Fred Thomas Duo – composer, prepared piano

Jiri Slavik/Fred Thomas Duo – composer, piano

Basquiat Strings – double bass

Fly Agaric – composer, arranger, percussion

The Magic Lantern – arranger/composer, percussion

F-IRE Klang Codex – curator

Fred Thomas/Oren Marshall Duo – composer, piano

Mor Karbasi – MD, piano, double bass, percussion

KK Sound Archive – double bass

Sister Mary & the Choir Boys – MD, piano

Barnaby Keen Band – arranger, piano, percussion

Clara Sanabras – percussion, bass

El Ultimo Tango – piano

Ensemble Nuevo Tango – arranger, double bass

Fernando Egozcue Quintet – double bass

The Memory Band – arranger, piano



Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Jordi Savall, Jarvis Cocker, Ethan Iverson, Tamara Stefanovich, Leo Abrahams, Benoit Delbecq, Elysian Quartet, Mor Karbasi, Adriano Adewale, Kammer Klang, Phil Robson, Mark Lockheart, Jason Yarde, Julian Siegel, Christine Tobin, Byron Wallen, Liam Byrne, Resonance FM, BBC, CBSO, Seb Rochford, Liam Noble, Martin Speake, Pete Flood, Alice Zawadzki, Phaedra Ensemble



The Beguilers’ – Fred Thomas (2015, F-IRE)

‘Duo’ – Peter Thomas & Fred Thomas (2015, F-IRE)

Electrofeit‘ – Fred Thomas (2015, The Silent Howl)

‘La Charme Impenetrable Des Artistes Tortures’ – Lily Luca (2016, Independent)

‘La Strategie de Foulard en Coton’ – Lily Luca (2015, Independent)

‘Lullaby of Bedlam’ – Sister Mary and the Choir Boys (2015, F-IRE)

“The Road Not Taken’ – Adam Beattie (Independent, 2016)

‘Daughter of the Spring’ – Mor Karbasi (2011, Harmonia Mundi)

“La Jeunesse’ – Jiri Slavik (2014, F-IRE)

‘EP Vol. 2’ – Native Dancer (2016, Independent)

‘Night Becoming’ – Ellie Rose Rusbridge (2014, Independent)

‘A World in a Grain of Sand’ – The Magic Lantern (2011, Hectic Eclectic)

‘In Search of Soma’ – Fly Agaric (2012, F-IRE)

‘Repose’ – Fred Thomas/Jiri Slavik Duo (2009, F-IRE Presents)

‘Foxlight’ – Iarla O Lionaird (2011, Realworld)

‘Living Standards’ – Fred Thomas & Zac Gvi (2013, F-IRE)

‘Below the Blue Whale’ – Alex Bonney & Fred Thomas (2013, Loop Records)

‘Twelve Tales from Abbey Road’ – Shortcuts (2009, Loop Records)

‘Sister Mary & the Choir Boys’ – Sister Mary & the Choir Boys (2008,Independent)

‘Musica Paradiso’ – Tina May & Guillermo Rozenthuler (2013, Quadrant Records)

‘El Ultimo Tango plays Astor Piazzolla’ – El Ultimo Tango (2006, Somm Recordings)

‘Le Grand Tango’ – El Ultimo Tango (2007, Somm Recordings)

‘Learnt from Love’ – Barnaby Keen (2011, Independent)

‘Londo’ – Kadialy Kouyate’s Sound Archive (2010, Independent)

‘Pathts’ – Ellie Rose (2013, Independent)

It’s Time’ – Fred Thomas Trio (2006, Independent)



The Magic Lantern

Lily Luca

Adam Beattie

Simone Alexander

Ellie Rose Rusbridge



MD with Shakespeare’s Globe’s ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’

Filter Theatre’s ‘Twelfth Night’

Workshops at The National Theatre

‘John Cage Musicircus’ at Aldeburgh Festival, featuring Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Jordi Savall, Exaudi

Spanish National Dance Company

Residencies at the Yard Theatre and Richmix, London

Greenwich Dance Agency



Guest Lecturer at Trinity Laban

Guest Lecturer at Chichester University

Piano tutor at North London Music Academy.

Jazz Teacher (piano, double-bass, drum-kit, guitar, ensembles) at Christ’s Hospital School, Horsham.

‘Jazz and Poetry’ education course at Barbican Centre with Michael Rosen.

Private Tuition in piano, double-bass, guitar, percussion, drum-kit, musicianship, composition, arranging, world rhythms, harmony, song-writing.

Teachers: Pete Churchill, John Taylor, Barak Schmool, Oren Marshall, Gerard Presencer, Gwilym Simcock, Huw Warren, Billy Jenkins, Martin Speake, Liam Noble, Newton Armstrong, Ivor McGregor, Marc Copland, Fred Hersch, Avishai Cohen, Dave Holland.



‘J.S. Bach – 39 Chorale Preludes’ published by Edition Wilhelm Hansen